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IPhone Simulator is an application that allows you to test Apple’s user interface, iPhone, before you buy the actual iPhone.

Buying an iPhone for large companies is a big financial decision. Make sure that you like what is inside the numbers, trying her first run on kamputarytrenazhoraWindows.

This small program is written in Flash, and enables interaction with virtualnoyiPhone on the desktop. In some ways it is very similar to the popular IPad emulator, iPadian. You can enjoy wokółZ interface, as well as to try the default applications thatThey are standard on the iPhone.

Due to the high graphics video, this app allows you to check out some of the popular iPhone functions. With the iPhone Simulator, you can access the configuration clock, calculator, notepad and IOS. Wallpaper mogutbyt changed. While iPhone Simulator looks kakon usesThe IOS, it is important to remember that this is a flash application and can not adequately simulate the entire doświadczeniaUrządzenie IOS.

Unfortunately, some key applications on the phone is not activated. This includes the popular Safari browser. IPhone Simulator is also modeled after the third pakalennyaiPhone, so everything is new,appeared in the iPhone 4 is not mozhetispytyvatsya here.

IPhone Simulator is a handy tool if you want to know what the iPhone. Unfortunately, the features that you can experience is limited.

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