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The Emoji Movie 2017

Hidden in the smartphone, the city is home to Textopolis all emoji. Each emoji has only one face, with the exception of Gene perfect emoji with many words. As with other emoji, Gene is considered “normal”, with the help of his friend Hi-5, and famous landmarks code called Jailbreak. When traveling to other applications, three emoji find a great danger that could threaten their existence.

It shows theemoji gene ambigumengungkapkan trip sowing to be emojinormal. Film Emoji open secret that the world has never seen the inside of your smartphone. Hidden in the application of communication Textopolis, bustling city where they live all your favorite emoji, hoping to choose the mobile users. In this world, each emoji has only one expression – with the exception of Gene shine emoji, who was born without a filter and much rozbłyskawiałkataword. As with other emoji, Gene own initiative decided to become a “normal” crony Handy Hi-5 and famous Jailbreak emoji encoder. Together they have become part of the epic “app-venture” through an app on your phone, each wild and fun world itself, to find the code that improves Gene. But the great danger threatening phone, the fate of all emoji depends on the three friends must save the world asdihapusselamanya possible before.

The battle for the city calls for action Ninjago young Lloyd Master Builder, Green Ninja, together with your friends, also tajneNinja soldiers. Run by Wu (Jackie Chan), a wise cracking, such as money, they must defeat the evil Garmadon leader (Justin Theroux), who is also the father of Lloyd. father, father against son Epic showdown check sharp, but not the discipline of the modern ninja when they are taught tocheck their egos together and raise innerkekuatan Spinjitzu.

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